Euphrat & Tigris

June/July 2006
Personal Project

Box Cover


The goal here was to improve on scanability of the board in play and create a look and feel with a more proprietary look for the E&T brand. The solution was to adapt tile work of the Sumerian gate of Ishtar to the board map. As the game has abstracted location and units, it seems appropriate to abstract the landscape in a manner consistant with period detailing. The result is a deep blue mosaic that has a jewel-like appeal. The overall feel appears as if the game might have been played during ancient times.

Tiles again based on period iconography. Gold borders separate the tiles from the deep background, while pure colored backgrounds quickly establish tile types. Simple iconography reinforces tile types using unique geometry for each tile type – red = vertical icon, blue = horizontal icon, green = circle icon and black = diagonal. Even with inconsistent oriented placement, quick identification can be assisted through this geometry. Leader tiles have heavier concentrations of color than previous editions for a stronger color read. Small icons relating to the associated tile assist color blind players. The monument tiles blend into the background along the edges and have a gold inlay to form a bulls eye onto the monument.