Modern Art

Nov 2006 (Released)
Odysseia Jogos

My first game art publication is through Odysseia Jogos which is out of Brazil. The publisher wanted a game that looked beautiful. The art created was done with broader brush strokes and bright colors, but remained quite tame as far as contemporary art is concerned. The notion here was something not offensive but attractive to players.

Innovations here include a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the publisher and hand numbered. Also, I wanted to introduce a token sheet that had a nice look to it beyond the tokens. For collectors who keep games unpunched, the sheet has a look of a painting. Additionally, the rule book is quite something to look at. Artfully done, with bios of each artist, the book is fresh and new looking. Also with this project was the establishment of a house look for Odysseia’s games – a cover format for their boxes.