Puerto Rico II

Sept. - Oct. 2004
Personal Project
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A reinterpritation of the well received boardgame. Here, I developed a single board to replace the individual player mats. Buildings are prearranged on a 16th century style map of a port in such a way that buildings effecting like roles are grouped together. Additionally, buildings that are more expensive and worth more VPs are located higher up in the map (with the exception of the Large Buildings). In this way, horizontally one can scan the roles and vertically the VP/cost value. With this board, when choosing a role, one can easily see who might benefit from a role by virtue of the buildings they have purchased and where they lie on the map. Player's farms are located on the edges of the map. All illustrations here are original.

Building Tiles
Building size is determined by their VP value. Each player has their own set of tiles which have a color band and seal (for color blind players).

Ship Mats

Box Cover
Here, the game's mechanic of roles has been visually distilled to a portrait of a 16th century aristocrat. Floating above a plantation, the figure’s eyes thoughtfully gaze back at the viewer. The game’s name is painted on the canvas period style, while a supergraphic logo adds to the emotive quality of the package.

While this treatment does not go much further than many other titles in terms of a simpler, more contemporary look, it does have a comfortable appeal that would sit well on any coffee table.