June-July 2006
Personal Project

Decorative, dramatically lit Japanese rocks are arranged to form the island nation. The quiet, austerity of the design is filled with tension which is punctuated with a small drop of blood. All this is powerfully enhanced through the use of black – black from the beautiful bits of the game as well as the traditional Japanese lacquered arts. Typeset in a simple sans serif font and arranged in an Asian format, all elements remain dramatic and understated – a hallmark of Japanese design. Such style works well on coffee tables or as a decorative piece on the mantel where a striking image with minimal branding and product name have the look of a well designed photograph or art piece.

A combined board offers a more dramatic sweep of graphics. Japanese colors and motifs are bold and memorable. References are not of Japanese maps but samurai gowns. Unexpected. Dramatic. Such iconic, graphic appeal heightens recall and calls attention in crowded gaming environments. Pieces contrast board so that they pop more off the board. Background patterns are of the samurai.