Stephen Glenn's Pinata

July 2005
Stephen Glenn

Stephen Glenn, designer of balloon cup, approached me with an idea he had. It seems his original prototype for Balloon Cup was totally different than released - a very common experience for designers. This name of the prototype was pinata. His proposal: would I examine what this box cover could look like. Intriguing. Such a colorful, festive theme from a passionate culture. Not to mention the precursor to a published game with such respect. Sounded great to me!!

The following design takes advantage of the colorful custom, filled with motion and vibrancy. The pinata is singing with activity. Streamers going this way and that. Blurry forms marking movement. Add to this a strong diagonal composition and a close crop of the pinata and we have a colorful, celebratory image. Finally "pinata" painted in a latin typestyle finishes the thought.