QWG Games System Look and Leonardo da Vinci Box Art

April 2007
QWG Games

QWG needed a distinct look for their new series of games "Master Print Editions" which are unique and sometimes limited edition products. For this, I created a look which seems like a book with a hard bound book sleeve. Such a look offers a very collectible appeal as it works well as a volume set on shelves. The look can include interesting thematic objects on the books, like barnicles for Reef Encounter. Note, on the image below, only Leonardo is actually real – this was an original concept sketch to sell the idea.

Concept sketch for a warm, inviting system look with a lot of collectability. Note, only Leonardo is planned to be printed.

Here we have the look for the front covers with a debossed area look for image plate. Objects possibly can be placed on the cover for additional meaning and effect.

To heighten the drama and intensify the piece, I chose to paint a portrait of Leonardo based on his famous self portrait. This original production was a crayon drawing. I found it was great fun to flesh out the details in paint and color. His work typically has a good deal of detail and highlighting in the hair, so I executed it as such. You can get a better sense of it in some of the detail images below. Finishing it off, I aged the painting with a cracked varnish look. Embellishing every surface of the book and sleeve are 16th century Italian ornamentations which greatly contribute to the eye candy. Additionally, the drawing compass adds to the message of invention and precision.

The sides have a realistic sense of a shelf of old books which has quite a bit of appeal.

For the back of the box, we continue with the leather texture and include a nice shot of the game. Here, I photographed it with some sweeps of light to add drama. The back sides include an aspirational quote which I thought a nice touch. In this case, we have a quote from a contemporary of Leonardo's.

The board and components were already created and not part of this creative endeavor.