Caylus Premium Limited Edition

March 2007 (In Development)
Ystari Games

I was certainly very flattered and pleased to have been approached by Cyril of Ystari to develop the art for a limited edition of this popular title. For the game, I've centered the look around a simple idea, to communicate "Medieval". Also, given the storyline is about building a castle, I started by placing the castle as close to center as possible to reinforce the goal. The game story unfolds with the placement of tiles that look as if they have been ripped out of an illuminated manuscript. The icons were already pretty clear from earlier versions, so all I did was to make the cost icons (in the left corner of the tiles) larger and easier to read. The overall read is very rich and luxurious while working fine on an informational level.

Front Cover

Front Cover (Detail)

Front Cover & Sides (Flat Box top)

Board without pieces

Board with Pieces


Tile backs

Rules covers and open spread

Typographic detail. Type inspired by illuminated manuscripts of verse.